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House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill - Conservatives Corner [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill [Jul. 29th, 2011|11:06 am]
Conservatives Corner


You have nothing to hide right? I mean, you're not engaging in child pornography, are you?

That's a good little slave. Trust your government. Your government will protect you from yourself.

House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill
Internet providers would be forced to keep logs of their customers' activities for one year--in case police want to review them in the future--under legislation that a U.S. House of Representatives committee approved today.

Though he's the same clueless Democrat that famously groused about reading the Obamacare bill, John Conyers gets it right on the ISP Spy bill:

"The bill's title, Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act, is a misnomer because the legislation is really not about those types of crimes at all," Conyers said. "Because if it were, it would certainly not contain a broad exemption for the largest Internet service providers such as AT&T, and it would target child exploitation."

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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2011-07-29 06:08 pm (UTC)
Call me Irish, but I don't believe in cooler heads prevailing.
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