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Hate Crimes Against Churches! [Jul. 7th, 2004|01:22 pm]
Conservatives Corner


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Vandalism and theft of "Defend Marriage Now!" banners at churches across the state of Connecticut.

Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish religious leaders will address these hate-crimes and come together to reaffirm their right to freedom of speech.

Over two months ago, churches across the state began displaying Defend Marriage Now! banners on their premises. Almost immediately churches in Darien, Wallingford, South Windsor, and Norfolk saw their banners stolen or vandalized.

No arrests have been made, although there is an investigation currently underway by the state police.

Father John Ahern of Immaculate Conception Church in Norfolk saw his banner attacked twice. He has left the vandalized banner hanging on his church property as a symbol of resolve against those who would silence people of faith in their support of protecting marriage.